Wednesday, October 3, 2012

where does the wood in that rod come from??

Yes, the company that makes rods asks you: "do you really know where your wood rod comes from?"

 NO, I have not been drinking and this is not a viagra ad.

Have you seen where wood from China comes from? Have you seen the clear cut forests of madagascar and South America and even the United States?

The destruction of uncontroled deforestation is horrific. Destruction of plants, animals, insects, biodiversity.

Would you much rather being involved with wood grown in a sustanable, eco system that supports bio diversity? A system that cleans the air and provides a home for birds, bees and all the microorganisms that build a healthy planet.

Welcome to our world!
This is where my wood comes from.
This is happiness and home for animals, birds, bees.
This is the product that I choose to put in our customers homes.
It costs more, a lot more..... but you're worth it.


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  1. I'm glad that your company takes pride in using sustainable wood for your products. More companies need to take an active role in protecting our forests. But they can learn from your example :)


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